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Javi Arenas Makes His Best Play!

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Javi Arenas Makes His Best Play!

Javi Arenas Makes His Best Play!

As a product of Robinson HS in Tampa, FL, Javi Arenas' recruiting choices were few.  While many recruits speak of a plethora of offers, Javi's choice came down to two schools:  Florida Atlantic University and The University of Alabama.  

By the time he left Alabama, Javi would be the SEC Special Teams Player of the Year, a Consensus All-American, and the Kansas City Chiefs would select him as the 50th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft!  At the conclusion of his professional career, he would have played 5 NFL seasons.

Few players were as fun to watch as Javi!  Everything was at full speed and with the quickness of a cat!  His moves were spectacular - his jukes and jives epic - but no move was as phenomenal as that of his recently taking a knee and asking Stephanie Imber to be his wife!

In the midst of his second trip with Bama FCA to Germany as an ambassador to the American Football community there, Javi used the magnificent setting of the Austrian Alps to ask for the hand of his future bride!  

Some people talk about growing up in "the projects," Javi lived it.   His father, a man Javi never knew, was deported for drug trafficking the same year that Javi was born.  

In Javi's words, "participating with other coaches on last year's team gave me a desire to break the generational mold and become the kind of man and husband that the Scriptures call us to be!"

The members of Bama FCA's Team Deutschland 2019 unanimously agreed that this play was Javi's "Best Ever!"