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"I just want to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. . ."

After a national championship victory, Tua spoke for so many of our players, coaches, and staff, who seek to live out our faith, but most, including a plethora of walk-ons, will never have the mic in front of them.

It is not about how many "hear" our words, but about how many "see" our lives! 

Coaching and playing for God's glory does not mean one thinks God is on their side in victory, it simply means that without Him, even should one win on the scoreboard, we lose.  

Because of His great love toward us, and a desire to glorify His Father in Heaven, Jesus relentlessly pursues each and every one of us in hopes that He will not just receive a glance from us every now and then, but that we will gaze into His eyes as the One we love above all else.

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